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About NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking and Verification

NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking and Verification - Is this possible ?

NADRA Marriage Certificate online checking and verification is neither being provided by NADRA nor the Local Governments. NADRA Marriage Registration certificate can be checked and verified from the offices of issuing authorities and not from any NADRA office.

Pakistan Legal Forum and the District Bar Associations of several cities have demanded  several times for such facility of online checking and verification service of marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates and  death certificates but NADRA has not yet implemented such online verification system. 

Every citizen have to visit the Union Councils or the Arbitrary Council in Islamabad or the people who live in the cantonment areas, have to visit in person the offices of the issuing authorities to verify their registration documents.  The issuing offices, normally, do not bother to help the public, but it takes several hours and sometimes, several days to get a marriage  registration certificate or the divorce certificate verified. 

Keeping in view, we have decided to offer this service for public on a nominal fee.  

What is NADRA?

NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) is an independent and autonomous agency under the Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan that regulates government databases and statistically manages the sensitive registration database of all the national citizens. 

Why the Marriage Registration Certificate is called a NADRA Marriage Certificate? 

NADRA has developed a very sophisticated mechanism to provide civil registrations through e-services to Pakistani nationals living within Pakistan or abroad. These services include issuance of:

Computerized Birth Certificate

Computerized Death Certificate

Computerized Marriage Certificate

Computerized Divorce Certificate

This e-registration system is being used by the Local Government Department of all the four provinces and the Federal Government administrated areas, including Islamabad. This is the reason people call these computerized certificates as:

NADRA Birth Certificate

NADRA Death Certificate

NADRA Marriage Certificate

NADRA Divorce Certificate

NADRA also regulates National Registration Services

NADRA also regulates national registration services, i.e. issuance and renewal of NIC, NICOP / POC cards for foreigners along with the loss report application submission process. Native people are also provided with a loss report submission service. However, there is no system still developed by the NADRA to check the NADRA Marriage Certificate Verification Online. This service is required for those who have completed their marriage registration procedure and want to verify its authenticity online through their CNIC number or from the Marriage Registration Certificate, copy itself via the QR Code or tracking number written on it by Nadra itself after completion of the marriage registration process at any Union Council Office.


Is a Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate Important?

The NADRA Marriage Certificate is proof of marriage and shows that you are officially married. By sending us your CNIC and a clear scanned copy or photocopy of your NADRA marriage registration certificate, you can check or verify your NADRA marriage registration certificate online.

We offer NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking and Verification Service

You can check or verify your NADRA Marriage Certificate online through our service by sending us your CNIC and a clear scanned copy or photocopy of your NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate.  You can also apply online through the application form on our website for the NADRA Marriage Certificate checking and verification. 

We have deputed our staff to visit the Union Council office in person and apply for its checking and verification to confirm that it is genuine and issued by the Government and its record is available in the NADRA’s central database in Islamabad.

Service Fee For the Nadra Marriage Certificate Checking and Verification Service

We charge a service fee of Rs. 1,000 only for this service. You can pay this fee in our office or send it to our bank account or through Jazzcash or Easypaisa. You will receive back its verified copy if we found it genuine. If you want us to get a certified true copy (duplicate copy), then you have to pay Rs. 2,000 in total. If you want us to send you the verified copy, or the CTC/duplicate copy of your NADRA Marriage Certificate through TCS, please add Rs. 500 as courier charges.

Issuing New NADRA Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Certificate Service

We also offer the following services related to the fresh issuing of NADRA Civil Registration Certificates:

  • NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate
  • NADRA Divorce Registration Certificate
  • NADRA Birth Registration Certificate
  • NADRA Death Registration Certificate


You will receive it within 3-4 working days from the date of application if your application meets all requirements of the Union Council office in Lahore or  Karachi, or the Arbitrary Council,  Islamabad. 

Our professional service fee for the NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate and NADRA Divorce Registration Certificate is Rs. 5,000 each and for NADRA Birth Registration Certificate and NADRA Death Registration Certificate is Rs. 2,000 each.

We would Require Authority Letter From You to Apply For Your Nadra Marriage Certificate

We will require an AUTHORITY LETTER from you if your Nadra Marriage Certificate (or a birth certificate, divorce certificate or death certificate) was issued from Karachi, Islamabad, or Rawalpindi. In this way, we would be able to act as your attorney. You will only have to pay a nominal service fee to receive your Computerized Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate (in Urdu+English) or any other civil registration certificate (e.g. birth certificate, divorce certificate or death certificate).  You will get it for you within 2-3 days, though in some cases, there may be some delay due to unforeseen circumstances or unavoidable factor.

PLEASE CALL +92 302 66 44 789 for any inquiry.

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